Jokes aside, (“Open the Pod Bay Doors, Siri”) Apples announcement last night was nothing short of a glimpse at the future. Imagine a world where you speak aloud to a computer, while you’re hurrying around your house looking for your car keys:

Computer, what time does the train to Manchester leave from Stockport?

Your computer stops and thinks for a few seconds, and responds. You probably thought about Star Trek and Iron Man and others alike, picturing huge wall-sized computers with friendly voices that seem to know everything. Or perhaps it conjures up images of a world many years from now, when we have jetpacks and food comes in little pills. While we might be a while away from bite-sized Big Macs, voice control just got a whole lot cooler than we ever imagined. Siri, the voice assistant in the new iPhone 4S, is intelligent enough to understand commands like the one above, and give you all the information you need. You can text your wife while you’re driving. You can cancel and rearrange meetings. You can find out if you’re going to need an umbrella or not - all without even looking at your device. The future is now.