It was interesting reading over Chris Coyier’s monthly costs for his web services. I’ve always wondered how much it cost to run a massive site like CSS-Tricks, as well as what services Chris used on a subscription basis.

This got me thinking about my own monthly costs for the web services I use, and I thought it might be useful or interesting for others to see it all. I don’t have nearly as many services to pay for as Chris, but hopefully it’ll still be interesting. So, here it is.

Shameless plug warning! If you need a simple web app for keeping track of your regular bills, check out Brills, made by yours truly.

GitHub (Micro Plan, $7/month*)

I’ve been rambling on about the benefits of integrating Git and GitHub into your workflow for a good few weeks. GitHub is by far the best thing about Git, and it makes version controlled development a real breeze, especially with the help of the apps for Mac and Windows.

The micro plans get you 5 private repositories. Not bad for $7/month. I couldn’t live without GitHub any more.

I don’t actually pay for GitHub’s micro plan, since I’m a student. GitHub offers students a free micro plan for 2 years if you can provide proof you’re a student. Find out more.

MediaTemple (Grid-Service plan, $20/month)

I must have changed my hosting provider more times than I care to count, but MediaTemple have been the best choice I ever made. Their customer support is unparalleled, their Grid-Service plan is plenty for what I need, and - while it might be out of the price range for many younger developers - the truth is, you get what you pay for. “Free hosting” is never truly free. I’d recommend MediaTemple to anyone.

And yes, that’s an affiliate link. I got bills to pay, y'know!

TypeKit (Portfolio plan, $49.99/year)

Webfonts changed the shape of web design forever. And for the better. And no service I’ve used has come close to the quality of TypeKit. An impressive selection of fonts combined with stellar customer service and a genuine and visible passion for their work makes TypeKit yet another service I couldn’t live without. I don’t design a website without it.

Cheddar (Pro Plan, $1.99/month)

Cheddar is a stellar application from the talented Sam Soffes. It’s by far the best todo list app I’ve found in terms of its great cross-platform compatibility and cloud syncing. Though I don’t use it as much these days, I’m still more than happy to pay for the service. Development isn’t cheap, and it’s a small price to pay for the high quality of the service.

There is a free plan, but unlimited lists only come with the pro plan.

Gauges (Solo Plan, $6/month)

Gauges is an analytics tool from the fine people at GitHub. I’ve tried a number of analytics tools in the past - Google Analytics, Mint, Piwik - but none quite as good as Gauges. Real-time analytics and browser feature support details are worth paying for on their own. The Solo plan is plenty for my needs.

Total: $39.16 per month.

That’s all folks. I also pay for a bunch of other services like Dropbox, Netflix, Rdio, and iTunes Match, but they don’t relate directly to my occupation. They sure do help, though.