It’s almost that time of the year again - Movember is upon us! Yes, that’s right ladies, the world (or at least the U.K.) is going to be choc-a-block full of gentlemen struggling to grow moustaches in the name of charity. Specifically, fighting testicular cancer.

I’m taking part again this year, but in a slightly unconventional way. Due to prior engagements in the month of November that require my face to be clean shaven, I’ll be taking half my moustache-growing in the second half of October, and the other half in the first half of November.

You can (and should) donate right away. It’s for a good cause, and you’ll get to see me looking ridiculous once again.

Missed that link the first time? Here it is again. Go and donate! Forget that coffee you’ve been looking forward to on your morning commute and shift the money to a better cause. Every little helps.

Many thanks in advance.