I’m going to take a minute to address something that’s been bothering me. You might have noticed that recently I’m maybe not as communicative on Twitter (or elsewhere) as I used to be. I just want to say I’m sorry for that.

For a long time, I’ve tried to come across as someone who is approachable and talkative in the web community, and I hoped that would never change, but recent events have led to a fairly sudden change of appearance. I never wanted to become the unapproachable, egotistical designer I often perceive others to be, but from an outside point of view it might look that way.

To be honest, I don’t have much of an excuse. Things in my personal and private life have been leaking into my professional and social life, but that’s no excuse for ignoring people who take the time to spark up a conversation with me. Nevertheless, things are piling up. Quickly.

As I write this, there are a number of things taking up my time:

  • Eating, sleeping; basic human function.

  • University work. Three essays, two long term projects, various assignments.

  • Personal projects. Onword, Brills, this blog, and numerous open source projects, most of which I have great difficulty maintaining recently. For this, I am especially sorry.

  • Managing career prospects. Exciting, terrifying career prospects.

  • Technical reviews for books.

  • Other need-to-dos. Email and such.

In short, I have a lot on my plate. Add to that list a handful of recent and unfortunate events in my personal life, and you can hopefully see why I’m a little strapped for time.

I know it’s a poor excuse, but I hope that those of you who have felt ignored can relate and understand my reasoning, and I thank each and every one of my followers, visitors, and friends for their continued support, criticism, and enthusiasm for my work.

If you ever want to have a real conversation, email is now probably the best way to do it. I might take my time to reply, but I will do so thoughtfully. Thank you.