Daniel Eden, Designer

See, Think, Design, Produce

I recently had the pleasure of attending Edward Tufte’s “See, Think, Design, Produce” one-day lecture series (along with some other Dropbox Design comrades), featuring excellent lectures from Jonathan Corum, Bret Victor, Mike Bostock, and—of course—Edward Tufte himself. All pioneers in the realm of data visualisation, it was a marvellous experience indeed to witness these talented gentlemen deliver firsthand accounts of their forays in the industry.

One thing in particular stood out to me, that Tufte had mentioned outright. He said that the presentations of his guests were bringing to light a very interesting change in the Design industry; “Today, Code is Design. Code is Design, and Design is Code.”

I rarely take notes at these sorts of things, but the wealth of information was just too much to turn down. Here is a spattering of phrases and notes I hurridly scribbled down during the day, in no particular order: