Daniel Eden, Designer

Things I’ve Learned On Planet Earth

  • Everyone is kind of messed up. It’s best we talk more about it.
  • People are, generally speaking, well-meaning and kind. That’s a difficult and important thing to remember.
  • Loving something is a privilege not everyone will have. Hold on to it. Chase it.
  • Loving relationships require complete and utter selflessness. It’s easy when it’s right.
  • It’s very easy to hold on to hate. It’s very difficult to live that way.
  • If you use something every day, it’s best to invest in the best possible version of that thing. It’ll drive you mad if you don’t.
  • You’re only really ever limited by yourself.
  • Humility and kindness trumps authority.
  • Extraordinary things don’t happen to passive people.
  • Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it isn’t the end.