This page exists to demonstrate the visual styles of the various elements that comprise the design of this site. This is not only for my own benefit, as the designer and maintainer, but also to satisfy the curiosity of those interested in such things (like myself). To learn about my writing style, check the writing style guide.

Heading Level Two

This is a left aligned image and caption.

Second level headings are used to split text into sections. First level headings are only used once per page, in the page or post title. Hyperlinks are underlined and coloured when hovered.

  • Bulleted lists look like this.
  • Multi-leveled bulleted lists look like this:
    • This is an example of a second-level bullet
  • Lists tend not to be used very often on this site, but they exist nonetheless.

Heading Level Three

Third level headings are most often used to denote names rather than sections, so have a lower visual priority. Headings should avoid containing or being themselves hyperlinks, but when this rule is broken, heading hyperlinks do not differ in style from the heading itself.

  1. This is a numbered list.
  2. Numbered lists can also have multiple levels:
    1. This is a second-level numbered list item
  3. Numbered lists, like bulleted lists, are not used particularly often on this site.

This is an example image caption.

Images may take one of three forms; aligned (left or right), centered, or enlarged, as seen above. Captions are encouraged, but not required.

Images are currently used only sparingly, but must flow with the content. Captions should be readable, but not distract from the main article. Like images themselves, they are supplements.