Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a place for me to post some of my favorite and best photographs. They're all shot at sunrise or sunset, and they're all available to download for personal, non-commercial use (such as your desktop or mobile wallpaper). Visit the site.


Gifme is a personal clone/rip-off/emulation of Giphy, the popular gif search engine. Tired of Giphy's suboptimal Slack integration, I built Gifme as a web app and a Slack app to search my own massive gif collection. View the source on GitHub or visit the site.


Scooter is an SCSS framework built to provide base styles, CSS components, and rapid static prototyping for Dropbox. Conceived in an effort to both drastically reduce the amount of new CSS being written at Dropbox, and to foster and maintain design consistency across Dropbox Web, Scooter encapsulates all of Dropbox's main UI design patterns in a fraction of the size of the previous CSS. Visit the site.


Toast is a Sass/CSS grid system, designed to be highly customisable, extremely verbose, and simple-to-use out of the box. It uses no floats, no first or last classes, and allows nesting. Visit the site

Digital Ruin

Digital Ruin is—for lack of a more fitting description—an art project dedicated to giving form to both real and fictional digital exchanges, with an emphasis on difficult interactions. It’s bleak, and hard to describe. Visit the site.


Untones are occasional, delightful ringtones for mobile devices and beyond. I’ve long been playing around in sound creation software, and thought I’d make something productive out of the process. The tones are released in pairs—one for calls, and one for messages/alerts—as often as I feel like it. Visit the site.

Just My Type

Just My Type is a library of font pairings from Adobe Typekit and H&FJ’s Cloud.Typography. Created out of a desire for a place to keep track of my personal favorite web font pairings, Just My Type has grown to become a popular typography resource for many web designers. Visit the site.


Tired of only being able to access my iA Writer documents on my iOS devices, I created Onword, a simple web application for writing documents. It was designed and developed in just 10 days, and introduced me to the world of Ruby. Visit the site.

Webshaped 2012

I was invited to speak at the 2012 Webshaped conference, alongside some incredible folk I've long admired. It was terrifying, amazing, and I'd love to do it again. My presentation tackled animation on the web, and how we can delight our audience by integrating animation in our websites and applications. You can read more about my time there.


I designed and developed Brills to quench my thirst for a simpler money management application that worked on all my devices, with a no-nonsense interface. I wrote it in vanilla PHP, before later discovering that CodeIgniter does a much better job than me at a lot of important stuff, and moving the code onto the framework with great ease. Visit the site.


During the development of Brills, I found myself spending a lot of time writing CSS animation keyframes. It became quite a repetitive task, especially with the requirement for multiple keyframe declarations for different browsers. “There must be an easier way!” I cried, but there wasn't. So I made one.

Animate.css is a cross-browser plug-and-play CSS animation library for delightful animation in websites and web applications. Visit the site.