Daniel Eden, Designer
Daniel Eden

Daniel Eden is a Product Designer at Meta in London, working on making Customer Support experiences that are more equitable, human, and helpful. He spends his time writing, thinking, tweeting, and talking about Design Systems: how they scale, how they break, and the people that maintain them.

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Selected Work and Writing

Where We Can Go 

Today’s design and engineering tools are poorly suited for creating or working within design systems. What would our tools look like if they treated design systems as the building material, rather than an abstract thing we gesture towards?

The app icon for Solstice


An app for brighter days. See how much more or less daylight there is today compared to yesterday.

A loaf of sourdough bread

Bread For The Busy 

A website about making bread, geared towards no-nonsense recipes.


People tend to conflate “accessibility” with “disability”; but designing for accessibility is principally a question of “access”. Framed in this light, the challenges and opportunities of accessible design become more vividly obvious.